How should you reference MIMS (e.g. in an essay or journal article)?

If required to reference MIMS Annual for an essay or journal article, you will need to follow the style preferred by the institution/publication for serials or books (probably treat as book), but you will generally need this information.

  • Chief Editor: Leilani Au
  • Publisher: MIMS Australia
  • Place of publication: Sydney, Australia
  • Title: MIMS Annual 2019 (or year depending on issue quoted)
  • Year of publication: as per title of MIMS Annual issue quoted

If referencing from MIMS Abbreviated, you will need to follow the style preferred by the institution/publication for serials or books (probably treat as serial), using information as above except:

  • Title: MIMS Abbreviated
  • Edition: No. 1, 2, 3, 4 for the year as on the front cover, e.g. February/March 2019 is Issue No. 1 for 2019.

If quoting from eMIMS, again you will need to follow the style preferred by the institution/publication but you will generally need this information

  • Title: eMIMS
  • Edition: quote the release dateline (e.g. May 2019 etc)
  • Other information the same as for hard copies.

If referencing MIMS accessed online, follow the style preferred by the institution/publication (probably treat as serial online) but you will generally need this information:

  • Address of page accessed, date of access; issue accessed (format as per eMIMS).
  • Title: MIMS Online
  • Other information as for the hard copies.

Comparison of eMIMS Products


eMIMS Cloud

This is the new version of eMIMS that can be accessed via your favourite web browser on Windows, Mac, and most tablet devices.

With eMIMS Cloud there is nothing to install or update – your costs in maintaining the Cloud version are lower than the Desktop version.


eMIMS Classic

This is the classic version of eMIMS that is installed on your Windows PC.

How can I tell what are prescription vs over-the-counter?


Is there a way to tell within eMIMS what are prescription vs over-the-counter products?

Or are all products within eMIMS prescription products?



The pharmaceutical schedule, ie unscheduled, S2, S3, S4 etc appears next to the product name within the abbreviated entry. An Rx will also appear for prescription medicines.

For example: Adalat (Tablets) Rx (S4)


For further questions: email or call (02) 9902 7700

eMIMS Classic FAQ

How to perform the eMIMS Classic monthly updates?

We send an updated eMIMS DVD three times per year – April, August and December.  However, in between these releases the monthly updates are provided on the MIMS website.

Select the link below for the step-by-step instructions on installing the eMIMS Classic monthly updates.

Updating eMIMS Classic In-between Disk Issues

Why am I being sent multiple eMIMS disks: CDs / DVDs?

Every April, August and December all customers who have a subscription to eMIMS are sent a disk that contains both a software and data update.

When you first purchase new eMIMS Desktop, you will be sent the latest DVD to install it. For example, if you order in July then you will be sent the April DVD to get you started.

If you place your order for new eMIMS Desktop just prior to the April, August or December release, then you will be sent the latest DVD and then the new DVD shortly afterwards.

For example, if you place your first order on August 1st then you will be sent the April DVD to get you started and then the August DVD as soon as it is released.

This means you install the April DVD, then the May, June and July data updates, and then finally the August DVD when it arrives.

If you are upgrading from old eMIMS to new eMIMS Desktop just prior to the April, August or December release, then you may also be sent the old eMIMS CD because the mailing list is extracted a month before. In this case you can ignore the CD and throw it out.

How do I renew my subscription to eMIMS Classic?

To purchase or renew a subscription to eMIMS Classic please either:

  • Call MIMS Customer Service on 1800 800 629.
  • email MIMS Customer Service
  • Purchase through our e-store
  • Download an order form
  • Complete the renewal notice and send it to MIMS Customer Service

How often is the application updated?

MIMS updates the medicines data each month with at least 150 changes to the product information each month.

It is very important therefore that users of eMIMS ensure that they have the latest information at their fingertips.

We send an updated eMIMS DVD three times per year (April, August and December) for our clients to install on their computers.

However, in between these DVD releases the monthly updates are available from our website for downloading.

Before downloading the monthly updates, please ensure to:

  • Install the latest eMIMS Classic DVD release.
  • Close/exit any running eMIMS Classic software on the computer.  For clients running the network mode, close/exit eMIMS Classic on all PC terminals prior to applying the updates.
  • Apply and run the downloaded monthly updates in sequential order (example: January first then February followed by March).  This means that you need to apply the updates in the order that they were released.

Am I informed when a medicines data update is available?

Yes, MIMS will send you an email when monthly updates are available.

How often is the medicines data updated?

Medicines Data is updated every month.

Your yearly subscription includes three DVD updates (December, April and August) and monthly updates from our website at every month in between DVDs.

You can automatically retrieve and install the monthly updates using the “Check for Updates” button at the bottom of the preferences section.

Do I need to logon to use eMIMS Classic?

No, once you have successfully installed the DVD you will not need to log in when you open eMIMS Classic.

How do I install eMIMS Classic?

MIMS will provide you with a DVD to install the application.

Depending on your requirement as well as on the type of your license subscription, you can either install eMIMS Classic using the Standalone or Network mode.

Click here for Standalone mode installation instructions

Click here for Network mode installation instructions

What versions of Microsoft Windows does eMIMS Classic require?

eMIMS Classic can be installed on a desktop or laptop with one of the following Operating Systems:

Supported Platforms
Windows 8, 10
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Not recommended:

Windows XP

NOTE: Microsoft have provided the following announcement regarding their support for Windows XP…

“After April 8, 2014, there will be no new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates.”

For further information from Microsoft click here.

What hardware is eMIMS Classic available for?

Your PC or laptop should meet the following minimum specification:

Component Requirement
Computer Pentium Dual Core1.6 GHz x86 or x64-bit CPU
Memory 2 GB
Hard disk 5 GB
Display 1366 x 768 or higher
.Net version 4.0 or later


Can I use eMIMS with Citrix MetaFrame?


Application Server-based technology can enable remote access to programs running on a centralised server, and is particularly attractive to large, widely dispersed organisations.


Official Position

The use of eMIMS with Application Server-based technology such as Windows Terminal Server or Citrix MetaFrame is not supported.

Having said that… many of our larger customers use eMIMS with Application Server-based technology to their advantage.


Hints for using eMIMS with Application Server-based technology
  1. Remember that the program actually runs on the server. It must be installed as a standalone program – install it by running SETUP.EXE. Do not try to install it by running SERVER.EXE
  2. Issue updates are applied by running SETUP.EXE
  3. Some solutions require a special cache of system files that are made available to each application session. You may need to copy some installed files to this cache location from their normal installed location (eg C:\Windows\System32\).
  4. The users still need Read/Write/Create permissions.
  5. It is up to each organisation to ensure the their use of eMIMS remains legal. The number of concurrent users should not be allowed to exceed the number of licences held.

Can eMIMS Classic run on an Apple Mac?

eMIMS Classic requires Microsoft Windows to run.

But can eMIMS run on an Apple Mac?

Many of our Mac customers run eMIMS Classic by purchasing and installing a third-party software like “Windows for Mac”; however this is not supported by MIMS.

As an alternative product, the new eMIMS Cloud can easily be accessed on a MAC computer through the use of any web browser. 

Click here to get more details on eMIMS Cloud.

iMIMS & MIMS for Android FAQ

How to change and reset passwords?

For iMIMS users, please refer to this site/link:  iMIMS passwords

For MIMS for Android users, please refer to this site/link:  MIMS for Android passwords

Will I need internet access?

Internet access is not required, however it is required to install the App and to logon for the first time.

The application resides on your device so internet access is not required for general usage such as drug search, product information, interactions checking, etc.

However, you will need internet access to download the application, install monthly MIMS medicine data updates, and logon for the first time. It is best to do data updates via a Wi-Fi connection, but you can also do this via your mobile network if required.



What are the minimum requirements on my device?

General requirements:

  • 1.8GB free space on your Apple device and 700MB for Android devices.
  • Wifi is required during installation, monthly data updates and for the initial logon.

MIMS for Android:

  • Android 4.0.3 or later (e.g. Jelly Bean or Kit Kat)


  • Apple iOS version 9.3.1 or higher.


  • Each mobile subscription (i.e. 1 license) allows you to install the App on 2 devices.

How can I get help with eMIMS installation or technical support?

You can find technical help on the Knowledge Base   or email

Or you can contact MIMS Customer Service on 1800 800 629 if you need further assistance.

Which type of devices can I install the App?

iMIMS can be installed on an iPhone, iTouch, iPad, and iPad Mini.

iMIMS requires the latest iOS version (9.3.1 or later).

The following devices support iOS 9.3.1:

  • iPhone
    • iPhone 5/5C/5S/SE
    • iPhone 6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus
  • iPod touch
    • 5th generation
    • 6th generation
  • iPad
    • iPad 2
    • iPad with Retina display
    • iPad Air/Air2
    • iPad Mini/Mini2/Mini3/Mini4
    • iPad Mini with Retina display
    • iPad Pro


MIMS for Android can be installed on any Android device as long as it meets the minimum OS version (4.0.3 or above).

What is the current capacity/size of the MIMS App?


  • About 1.72GB (including the app and MIMS database).


MIMS for Android

  • About 578MB (including the app and MIMS database).

How does the App compare with US-based medicine information products?

iMIMS and MIMS for Android have only Australian approved medicine information and is designed for the Australian market.

The database is significantly bigger and more complex than other apps and includes Pill Identification, Drug Interaction checking, Browse functionality and much more.

Can I print from iMIMS & MIMS for Android?

Printing is unavailable as of this time.

What type of MIMS App subscriptions can I purchase?

For individual paying users

MIMS Apps can be purchased as a 12-month subscription.

You can purchase a subscription or renew your subscription within the MIMS App.


For Enterprise Accounts

MIMS will provide a special account based on the number of users requiring access to MIMS App.

Each member of the enterprise will be given access to either iMIMS and/or MIMS for Android for the duration of the MIMS contract.

I have forgotten my password.

There are 2 ways to reset your password:

  1. At the iMIMS App login screen, tap on the “Reset Password?” button
  2. Go to the iMIMS subscription management portal at
    • To the right of the screen you will see an area to login
    • Click on “Forgot password?” link
    • Enter your registered email address
    • Your new password will be emailed to you

Why does the MIMS App Subscription cost so much compared to other Apps?

The MIMS App itself is free to install and use for a 7 day trial period.

However to continue using after the 7 day free trial, you must purchase a 12 month subscription.

MIMS content is for Australian healthcare professionals and providers.

The price of an iMIMS subscription reflects the value of this application and its content.

The price is consistent with other MIMS products.

iMIMS and MIMS for Android contains a large amount of information that is maintained on a daily basis by our editorial staff.

The ongoing maintenance of this data ensures that you are able to access the most up to date medicines information.

On how many devices can I download my subscription?

For each individual subscription, you are allowed to install and log into the application on 2 devices.

Should you require the App on more than 2 devices, please contact MIMS Customer Service on (02) 9902 7700

Where can I get the App?


You can download iMIMS from the Apple App Store.  Please refer to this link for the detailed instructions.

The App store can be accessed through:

  • App Store icon on your device
  • iTunes on your Mac or PC – you will need to connect your device and sync the apps

Please note:

You will need to have a Wi-Fi connection initially to download the app as the file is large.

For iPad Users:

iMIMS is an iPhone app that can also be installed on an iPad.

If you have iOS7 or later, and search for iMIMS, you may not see the app displayed.  This is because the iPad will display iPad apps only by default.  All you need to do is Tap on the “iPad Only” menu at the top of the screen and tap on “iPhone Only”.  Then the iMIMS App will show on your App Store search results.

Watch this video for a quick demonstration on how to search for and install iMIMS onto your iPad.

MIMS for Android

You can download the App through your Android phone tapping on Google PlayStore.  Please refer to this link for the detailed instructions.

iOS7 – How do I install iMIMS on my iPad?

iMIMS can be installed onto your iPad.

Do note that iOS7 introduced a number of User Interface changes and improvements. One thing you may not be aware of is that the App Store on your iPad will only display iPad apps by default. You can still install an iPhone App (such as iMIMS), but you must tell your iPad to display iPhone Apps.

Watch this video for a quick demonstration on how to search for and install iMIMS onto your iPad.