eMIMSplus Offsite access for organisations using EZProxy

Applies to:  eMIMSplus & eMIMSelite


When a user is geographically located outside the organisation (offsite), the user can access eMIMSplus via internet using a username and password.  However at times it is more convenient to access eMIMSplus directly through the organisation’s network freeing the need to type-in any username and password.

For this reason, EZproxy is a customizable middleware program which provides access to remote/offsite users.  It operates as an intermediate server between the remote end-users and the eMIMSplus application thereby providing direct access to eMIMSplus without the need of any further login or password verification.

Important notes to consider

MIMS Australia is not in any way associated with EZProxy.  Suggestions provided herein should only be taken as general advise and not an expert solution.  Please consult with representatives from EZProxy or web-browser companies for proper configuration and/or resolution.  Also, please inform MIMS Australia of your organisation’s IP address which needs to be registered into eMIMSplus.

At times we find EZProxy doesn’t always expose the intended IP address to eMIMSplus which may cause connection issues.  As a work-around, it is recommended to add (or remove) the Option X-Forwarded-For statement into your stanza.

Sample stanza:

Title eMIMSplus
Option NoX-Forwarded-For
URL https://app.emims.plus
HJ https://app.emims.plus
HJ app.emims.plus
HJ emims.plus
DJ emims.plus
DJ mimsapi.com
DJ mims.com

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact MIMS support@mims.com.au