Unable to install MIMS for Android App

Applies to:  MIMS for Android

Applicable to Android versions 4, 5 and 6 devices only*


Error Messages: 

“Unfortunately, MIMS Australia has stopped” and at times the App may become unresponsive even with several reinstallation attempts.


Regardless of the Android version used, the App will not continue with the installation or monthly update and may result with one of the following symptoms: Installation suddenly freezes/stops, App unexpectedly closes down/crashes or monthly update just stays in the background without any further action.


In the latest Android version, you’ll find that the Recent Apps button has been redesigned and that all recently opened Apps remains “Open” in the device’s memory even after you reboot or restart the device.  However with this new feature (also called application persistence), MIMS is unable to close some selected App processes thereby preventing the installation and update to push through.  


MIMS developers are actively working on the issue and will soon correct the update.  For the meantime, please follow the steps provided below to install MIMS for Android and the necessary updates.

  • If the monthly update freezes/stops, try to close or “force quit” the MIMS for Android App and start again.  This will in turn trigger the update process.
  • If the issue persist, uninstall MIMS for Android then temporarily turn-off or extend the lock screen timeout feature on your device.  Depending on the type of smartphone used, the feature can be found under Settings –> Display –> Sleep or Screen timeout.  Now set the screen lock to the maximum time available (e.g. say 30 minutes) or better yet to “Off” if available.  It is also important to note that the App requires a good WiFi connection with uninterrupted/strong coverage.  Based on our tests, poor WiFi signal may result to terminating the data download process.  Download and install the App from Google Play Store which will then install the latest MIMS data on your device. Note however, that this will require you to re-login with your credentials or token.  After a successful installation, test the App and revert back the screen timeout settings to your preference.

Should you require further assistance, please call MIMS Customer Service on 1800 800 629.

*Includes other Android version variants under Kitkat, Lollipop and Marshmallow.