Quota Full

Applies to:  eMIMS Cloud

Quota Full

You cannot login because the maximum number of sessions for this account has been reached.
You can close your browser and try again later.

You may also click here to clear the eMIMS browser cookie and try again.


Why am I getting this error?

This means all of your allowable eMIMS Cloud sessions are currently in use.

Your licence allows for a maximum number of sessions at a time.

Each time you sign into eMIMS Cloud a session is created. The session will last for 10 minutes.

The reason why a session is retained for a period of time is to ensure that once you have successfully signed in, you will be able to continue using eMIMS without disruption (i.e. other users will not terminate your session).


How long does a session last for?

Whether you’re signing-in using a username and password or through IP address authentication, a fixed session limit of 10 minutes is allocated.

Your session will be automatically released after the 10-minute time period has passed.

You can manually close your session by clicking on the “Sign off” link at the top right of the eMIMS page. This will close your session making it available for another user to sign in.

NOTE: Closing your web browser without signing off DOES NOT close your session. Your session will be retained until the expiry period or if you launch your browser again and manually sign off.


What does the link “Click here to clear your session cleanly” do?

Under normal circumstances, the over quota message is due to too many users trying to access your eMIMSCloud account at the same time, or your users are not signing off after using eMIMS.

eMIMSCloud uses web browser cookies to store your eMIMS session information. On rare occasions the cookie may not get cleared automatically. Clicking on this link will clear the cookie and allow you to attempt to sign in again.


What can I do if I still cannot access eMIMSCloud?

If after trying the “clear your session cleanly” option does not fix your problem… please contact MIMS Customer Service on 1800 800 629.