MIMS Online Session Timeout Issue

Applies to:  MIMS Online


User getting an error message when trying to log into MIMS Online – “You are now logged out of MIMS Online.  Please close your browser or click here to go back to MIMS Online.” Clicking the here option does not resolve the issue.

The issue relates to the MIMS Online session timeout setting which MIMS developers are currently looking into.



  1. Clear the Cache and Cookies under your browser’s Tools and/or History settings and then restart the browser and log-in back into MIMS Online https://www.mimsonline.com.au/Login/Login.aspx

You can also try other web browsers like Chrome, MS Edge or Mozilla-Firefox to access MIMS Online if the issue persists.

  1. To prevent from getting the error message, make sure NOT to tick the “Remember me” box and it is recommended to use the “Log Off” button whenever you close down MIMS Online or leave the computer so as to avoid manually clearing the browser cookies/cache again.



Typing in the username and password multiple times can become inconvenient for some.  As a work-around, you can create a shortcut that contains your MIMS Online credentials thus saving you time from entering your username and password when logging into MIMS Online.  Just copy and paste the link below to your web browser then edit the URL by keying-in and replacing the username and password with your own credentials.



Sample customised link below:

Username: Johndoe123@mims.com.au

Password: Agi140esh