Using eMIMS on Linux under Wine

Applies to:  eMIMS Classic

The use of eMIMS on Linux is not supported.
However, it does seem to run successfully under Wine (v0.9.22).

The issue with the cdkey can be bypassed by using the following command to install the eMIMS:

$ wine /mnt/cdrom/setup/setup32.exe -cdkey

where the eMIMS CD is mounted on /mnt/cdrom

Also, the following Windows libraries should already be installed in the Wine Windows environment – other versions of these software libraries may work but have not been tested:

  1. True Type Font (Arial)
  2. DCOM98
  3. MFC4.x (eg ./windows/system32/mfc42.dll)
  4. Internet Explorer (ie6)
  5. Visual Basic 6 Runtime
  6. MDAC 2.8
  7. Jet4.0