“Type Mismatch” Error Messages

Applies to:  eMIMS Classic

To get past these errors you will need to re-install eMIMS.

Please refer to this link if you have setup eMIMS to run as “stand-alone”:  


Solution for Network or Server installed eMIMS:

Remove standalone eMIMS (if already installed as a stand alone)

  • Insert the CD into the CD drive of the computer.
  • Go to the “Start” menu and open “My Computer” (or “Computer” in Windows7)
  • Double click on the CD folder named EMIMS
  • Look for the program(application) in the folder called“Setup.exe” and double click on it.
  • When the Wizard starts select “Remove all
  • Go to the “Start” menu and open “My Computer” (or “Computer” in Windows7)
  • Navigate to the eMIMS folder on the Server computer you have just installed.
  • Double click on the “Setup.exe” file in the eMIMS folder.
  • Running this program will make a “Start” menu entry and Desktop shortcut.
  • Some users may receive a message screen ‘This program might not have installed correctly‘, if you do receive this message after running the install please click ‘This program installed correctly‘ option.