new e-store help

Applies to:  New e-store help

Access the new e-store by clicking here

The new e-store is for existing customers to renew and add subscriptions. You can only renew subscriptions that you are responsible for renewing and paying.

Your MIMS Customer ID is your e-store Username.


Section 1 – create your e-store password

Before you can logon to the e-store for the first time you need to create your password. You do this by using the forgotten password facility.

1.1) Click on the Forgot your password?

new password1

1.2) Enter your Customer ID and press the Recover Password blue button

new password1a

1.3) After that the following will display

new password3

1.4) An email will be sent to your email address that contains a link. Click on the link highlighted in blue.

new password4

1.5) Enter your new password into the boxes and press the blue Confirm Password button.

new password5

1.6) Then click on Login

new password6

Section 2 – logon to the e-store

2.1) Enter your Username (Customer ID) and new password then press the blue Log In button

login page

2.2) Your subscriptions will be displayed…press the blue Renew / Add Subscriptions button at the bottom.



Section 3 – Renew your subscriptions


3.1) All your subscriptions will default to being renewed by having a tick in the box on the left side of each subscription. You can untick them all by clicking the top item box – see example below.


3.2) Add the IMgateway module by clicking in the box to the left of the IMgateway line.

3.3) Look at alternative product offerings by clicking “Show” in “Do you have the right product”

3.4) Change the number of Users/Copies by pressing the minus or plus buttons OR typing a number directly in the box.


Section 4 – Add new subscriptions

4.1) Scroll down to see the New Products section…Click on “Add” on the right hand side to add a new subscription to the product…


4.2) Select the number of users/copies. For MIMS Integrated you must select your vendor system in the list box inside the red circle.



4.3) When you have finished selecting your subscriptions to renew and added any new subscriptions then press the Review and Pay button…


Section 5 – Review and Pay

5.1) The review and pay screen will display…check what you have ordered and then make any changes to Your Details (contact, address, email, phone).




5.2) Select the payment method.

5.3) Select to pay by credit card and enter your credit card details…


5.4) Select to pay by Direct Deposit (bank transfer) using the MIMS Bank account details and Reference Number displayed.


5/5) Finally, agree to the terms and conditions and then press the Confirm and Pay button. An invoice will be emailed to you overnight.