MIMS Resources

Applies to:  eMIMS Classic

MIMS Consumer Medicine Information
A comprehensive library of information sheets written for consumers about the medicine they have been prescribed or dispensed

MIMS Disease Index
A series of peer reviewed articles designed to quickly update readers on that subject

MIMS Companion
A quick ready reference of facts designed to assist diagnosis

MIMS Reference
A selection of useful reference material including Australian Standard Vaccination Schedule, Food Additive Numbering System, CYP450 Interactions

Physiotherapy Database
The Australian Physiotherapy Association’s listing of members searchable by location, special interest and language spoken

MIMS Medicine Information
Abbreviated and full medicine information on all significant prescription and OTC pharmaceutical preparations

MIMS DrugAlert Interactions
Important adverse drug interactions. Fully referenced and graded according to clinical severity and level of evidence. Includes complementary medicines

MIMS Product Images
A comprehensive library of tablet/capsule images, searchable by colour and markings

MIMS Assist
Directory of self-help and support services throughout Australia