How to update eMIMS Classic server install

Applies to:  eMIMS Classic

Updating the eMIMS Server Image

So long as there are no changes to the system files required, a new issue of eMIMS is applied by simply updating the server image. Simply run SERVER.EXE on the File Server Computer exactly as you did for the previous issue.

Arrow You need to be sure that no users are currently running eMIMS. SERVER.EXE will not proceed if they are – it cannot replace files that are in use.
Arrow You need to be absolutely certain that you are placing the files in the same location.


Accessing the updated eMIMS Server Image from Workstations

So long as the server image remains in the same location and there are no system file updates, all the workstations should just be able to run the new EXE and use the new data using their existing shortcuts.

Arrow If the system files have been updated, it will be necessary to implement this update on each of the workstations by running Update Wizard (eg Start; Programs; eMIMS 5.0; Update Wizard).
Arrow If the eMIMS Server Image is in a different location, then you need to navigate to the new eMIMS Server Image location and run SETUP.EXE. This will update the shortcuts and registry entries to point to the new location.