Runtime Error 339 (WebPr332.ocx error)

Applies to:  eMIMS Classic, MIMS IVS, MIMS New Zealand


WebPr332.ocx is the software component that displays html content on screen. These errors indicate that the component is not correctly installed. When you try to run eMIMS, you receive the following message.

Sometimes other system error messages are also seen.
The component is Webster Pro, from Home Page Software (

This component can fail to install correctly when:

  •  The installation of the eMIMS setup has not been completed. This can happen if Setup.exe has not been run, or has been interrupted (eg power failure or problems reading the CD).
  •  Other system components on your computer are not a matched set. The component relies on MFC files to function correctly. The versions of these MFC files need to be matched. If they are not, the component can fail to register.



  •  We have had an ongoing issue with eMIMS on computers that were running WiniFred. Active measures have been taken in the installation program to bypass the problem (depends on detection of C:\FRED on the computer), but if this fails, you may need to run SETUPC.exe which is available from this website:
  •  If installation was interrupted before it finished, then you need to run setup.exe again. It may be best to choose to “Remove All” as a first step. This will ensure that there are no half copied or corrupted files present. Run Setup.exe again to complete a full installation.

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