error: KCEHC (Server install)

Applies to:  eMIMS Classic, MIMS IVS, MIMS New Zealand

In rare cases, security settings on a server computer can prevent SERVER.EXE from running a separate program in the windows TEMP subdirectory. This makes the program unable to check the validity of an entered CD Key.

We have been unable reproduce this problem, so we do not know the exact cause.

There is a workaround built into SERVER.EXE. If you run this with the command line switch /CDKey appended, then this should bypass the check of the CD Key, and SERVER.EXE should be able to run to completion. There are two simple ways of generating this command line

Arrow Type it in manually
– From the Start menu, choose Run
– Type Z:\SERVER.EXE /CDKey (replace Z: with your CD drive letter).
– Click OK to run the program
Arrow Use Drag-and-Drop to generate a fully qualified path name, adding the command line switch manually
– From the Start menu, choose Run
– Open an explorer window of the eMIMS CD (usually, this will open automatically when you insert the CD)

Arrow Click and drag the SERVER.EXE icon from the explorer window to the Open box on the Run dialog.

Arrow Release the mouse button to drop the icon in the Open box.
Arrow Click at the end of the text in the Open box to position an insertion point at the end.
Arrow Type a space followed by the command line switch /CDKey

(in this example, the CD Drive is F:\)

Arrow Click OK to run the program
It is important that you type the CD Key carefully. If you make an error, when eMIMS is run on the workstations it will fail on with a CD Key error.

If this happens you can fix this by opening EMIMS.LIC with notepad. This will be in the eMIMS Server Image location (eg C:\EMIMS\EMIMS.LIC on a the File Server Computer with the default destination selected).