Accessing eMIMS within FRED Dispense (eMIMS Link)

Applies to:  eMIMS Classic

How to install eMIMS Classic link on Fred Dispense software


eMIMS Classic can be accessed from within Fred Dispense software making it quicker to browse through the medicines information.  Please follow the steps below to link eMIMS Classic.

  1. Install eMIMS Classic on network mode – refer to link for detailed instructions.
  2. Set the Fred Dispense software to always “Run as Administrator”. This is done by following the steps:
  • Right click on the FRED shortcut icon and click Properties.
  • Go to the Compatibility tab.
  • At the bottom of the page, place a check/tick on “Run this program as an Administrator” then Click “OK” to save the settings.  Clicking on the eMIMS link within Fred Dispense will now allow you to access the MIMS medicines information.


Errors with eMIMS Classic link using Fred Dispense software

Applicable for Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000 Servers. 

Error Message: Invalid CD key 

Problem: Receiving error message ‘Invalid CD key’ when you clicked on the eMIMS icon within Fred Dispense but able to open eMIMS manually (using desktop icon) without any error.

Cause: Incorrect version of the file eMIMSlnk.exe.


  • Ensure that eMIMS is not being used by anyone else before proceeding to the next step.
  • From the Fred Comm (Main) server, go to Start menu, click Run, type cmd and click ok.
  • On the command window, type del c:\eMIMS\eMIMS\eMIMSlnk.exe and hit the Enter key.

Note: If you have installed eMIMS Server image other than C:\eMIMS, then navigate to the location where you installed the eMIMS Server Image and go to folder eMIMS – eMIMS and delete eMIMSlnk.exe.

  • Install SETUP.exe which can be found in the latest eMIMS CD.


Applicable for Windows 8 and 10 Operating Systems 

Error Message: None

Problem: When pressing the eMIMS shortcut/link in FRED Dispense server, it is asking for a file path to SETUP.exe.  Also, inputting the file path to SETUP.exe was rejected and resulted to the file cannot be found and may at times cause to install eMIMS but eventually crashes Fred. 

Cause: Incorrect version of the file eMIMSlnk.exe.  This error occurs on certain operating systems only. It is an issue with how FRED calls for the MIMS application.


A workaround to this is to run the Fred Dispense software as an Administrator (shift+right-click the Fred icon, and click on Run as Administrator).

As a permanent fix, you can modify the Fred Dispense shortcut to always run as Administration by following these steps.

  • Right click on the FRED shortcut and click Properties.
  • Go to the Compatibility tab.
  • At the bottom of the page, place a Check on Run this program as an Administrator then Click OK to save the settings. You only need to do this on the server computer.

For further assistance, please contact MIMS Australia 1800 800 629 or email